• 1982

    Establishment of Newtech Industrial and Engineering Group
    as a multidisciplinary engineering consulting firm

  • 1984

    Newtech undertakes its first project in association with an International Firm

  • 1986

    Newtech becomes Co-Founder of the Sudanese Engineering
    and Architectural Consultancy Association (SEACA)

  • 1987

    Newtech wins its first internationally-funded project

  • 1988

    Newtech becomes Member of the Federation of African Consultants (FECA)

  • 1989

    Newtech participates in the economic appraisal
    and detailed design for nation-wide rehabilitation of the Sudan Railway Lines

  • 1990

    Newtech conducts the study of Transport Policy of Africa for
    the African Development Bank as its first global project

  • 1991

    Newtech becomes Member of the Arab Association of Engineering Consultants

  • 1995

    Newtech pioneers in introducing sustainable techniques
    and green technology for Bara Rural Development Project

  • 1998

    Newtech undertakes its first petroleum pipeline project

  • 1999

    Newtech undertakes Atbara River Bridge Project as its first Bridge Project

  • 2002

    Newtech conducts feasibility study and conceptual design for Port Sudan Water Supply Project as its first mega project in water transmission

  • 2003

    Newtech becomes sole vendor for Engineering Consulting Services for White Nile Petroleum Operating Company

  • 2004

    Newtech conducts the first project for River Transport

  • 2005

    Newtech awarded the ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management Certificate

  • 2006

    Newtech accomplishes the design review and construction supervision for
    the rehabilitation of Gezira Irrigation Scheme
    – largest single irrigated scheme in Africa and the Middle East

  • 2007

    Newtech enters the Middle East Market

  • 2008

    Newtech becomes the first and only Sudanese consulting firm to undertake offshore Environmental Baseline Studies and Environmental Impact Assessment Studies

  • 2009

    Newtech becomes member of
    the Federation of Consultants from Islamic Countries (FCIC)

  • 2009

    Newtech becomes incorporated in the Republic of South Sudan
    and establishes first international Branch

  • 2009

    Newtech Industrial and Engineering Group becomes Newtech Consulting Group

  • 2010

    Newtech becomes Co-Founder of
    the Federation of African and Arab Consultants (FCAA)

  • 2011

    Newtech establishes Office Branch in Ras Al Khaimah – United Arab Emirates

  • 2012

    Newtech contracted for Tutti - Bahri Bridge as
    the first cable-stayed bridge project in Sudan

  • 2013

    Newtech’s GM elected as member of FIDIC Integrity Committee

  • 2013

    Newtech leads the organisation of the GAMA-FIDIC conference in Sudan under the Sudanese Engineering and Architectural Consultancy Association (SEACA)

  • 2014

    Newtech undertakes it’s first project in in the GCC region

  • 2017

    More than 200 staff, truly Multi-disciplinary Operating in Africa and the Middle East

At Newtech we are pleased to commemorate a notable 36 years in business with our clients. As experience always remains a main pillar for the consulting firms, we boast this remarkable milestone with a grace.

Starting as a local company consisting of two Engineers and a Janitor, Newtech has emerged to become a global giant running complex and diversified projects in many countries across Africa and the Middle East.

Our diversified experience and our remarkable success over the years are underpinned by our clear vision, professional business approach and our heartfelt ethical values. This has helped us in maintaining a steady progress in our development during the previous 30 years and shall continue to serve us in standing the test of time in the future.

Newtech’s evolution is triggered by a relentless pursuit of perfection and strife to capitalize on subsequent successes. As such, we always aim to leave an indelible mark of excellence in our trail of achievements. Our prosperous timeline shall become our stepping stone for more success.

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