Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics and Business Conduct


Newtech’s Code of Ethics is based on the FIDIC Integrity Management System (FIMS) and is carefully adapted to address the particular needs and conditions in which the Company provides its consulting services.

Social Responsibility:

  • Newtech accepts continuing responsibility for its consulting services before its clients and society.
  • Newtech shall permanently contribute to the benefit of its clients and of the society, through sustained personnel training and technology development aimed at improving productivity.
  • Newtech will include sustainability as a permanent goal in every project.

Quality of Service:

  • Newtech shall only undertake project assignments in its areas of expertise where it has the capabilities to deliver efficient and effective services to its clients.
  • Newtech is committed to providing high quality services to clients and will focus on Quality Management as a working methodology and permanent improvement as a means to improve the quality of service.
  • Newtech is committed to the continuing improvement of its knowledge base, abilities and tools in its area of expertise. The firm will focus on technology management as a working methodology, and shall extend to its clients the benefits of its professional achievements.
  • Newtech will provide its services in a professional, courteous and efficient manner.

Objectivity of the Firm:

  • Newtech will act with loyalty to its clients and will maintain confidentiality of any information from the client that is obtained in the process of performing its services. The firm and its employees will respect all lawful confidentiality agreements with its clients.
  • Newtech shall avoid any conflict of interest, and will inform a client beforehand of any potential conflict of interest that could emerge during the execution of the consulting services.
  • Newtech will only offer its services under contracting terms that do not interfere with its independence, integrity or objectivity.
  • Newtech will not accept any remuneration that could encourage the firm to offer a biased opinion.

Corporate Integrity:

  • Newtech will only solicit consulting work or participate in private or public competitive bidding under the highest standards of corporate ethics and competitive practices, and with total integrity in its transactions.
  • Newtech will act at all times in the interest of clients, and will carry out services with professional integrity, without jeopardising the interests of society.
  • The promotional activity of the firm and its services will uphold the dignity and reputation of the industry. Brochures and other formal documents describing resources, experience, work and reputation, will reflect the firm’s actual circumstances in a truthful manner.
  • Newtech will require its members to act with integrity and to report potential violations of integrity to the appropriate individuals within the firm.


  • Newtech favours Quality Based Selection for the contracting of its services.
  • If solicited to review the work performed by another consultant, Newtech will act in accordance with its integrity and objectivity policies.
  • Newtech will not sponsor compensation or contribution arrangements designed to influence or secure consulting work; nor will it seek commissions from suppliers of equipment or services recommended to the client as part of its consulting services.
  • Newtech shall not take part in activities that could damage the reputation or business of others.



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